Bug Out/In

Be fully prepared for any circumstance.

When we are fully prepared for any eventuality we not only ensure our own health and well being, but have the ability to triage the needs of our loved ones in times of uncertainty.

Below is a itemized list of activities and tools you find helpful in preparing for circumstances to change. 

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Your 72 Hour Bug Out Bag

What to prepare in advance of a outdoor adventure.

There may be a time in the not to far future when you would like to go on an outdoor excursion or adventure.  Perhaps you just need some healing time in nature for a few days.

Be sure to have your Bug Out Bag packed and stored in your car or easy access point for grab-and-go access.






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Herbalicious Bliss


Nevada city, US

About us

Holistic health and beauty for your thriving life.  We specialize in making delicious and nutritious foods and health products naturally.

In collaboration with Earth Soul Ministries and Great Works Alliance, proceeds of products go to supporting our missions. Visit our allies and learn more about how you can support thriving families and communities.

Disclaimer:  All herbal remedies, recipes, and referrals are not medical advice; therefor we recommend you consult with your medical provider.