Growing Micro-greens

Growing micro-greens is a fast and effective way to have healthy greens during the fall and winter season. We believe that you will enjoy many harvests during this season and beyond. Sign up Today to be included in our next virtual workshop.

Below you will find information on preparation for starting your own micro-green project. Be sure to take advantage of our Herbalicious Bliss micro-green sprouting kits.

Micro-greens Workshop

Herbalicous Bliss Micro-greens Kit.

We have done the work so you don't have to.  Order your organic herbal seeds with your starter kit today.

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Seed Storage

Learn more about the value of seed collection and storage.

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Herbalicious Bliss Micro-greens Supplies List

~ sterilized containers for sprouting seeds
~ sterilized substrate; soil, straw
~ sprouting seeds
~ spray bottle
~ shelving
~ greenhouse or shed
~ grow lights
~ heater

To learn more about the health benefits:  Mircro-greens World @

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Why they are so important.

The following guidelines and offerings for your micro-greens adventure.

Micro-greens are the second stage of growth.  Many different seeds have unique flavors and varying degrees of nutrition.

Take the healing power of seeds
into your own hands.






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