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Learn which plants like to grow together and why.

We specialize in making products that are both delicious and nutritious naturally.

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Herbalicious Bliss employs age old remedies in delicious combinations, tastes and collections. 

Along with organic, directly sourced ingredients from fair trade companies around the world, you will find recipes and health tips to try for yourself.

Enjoy responsibly.

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Herbalicious Bliss is a project of Earth Soul Ministries, a non-profit ministry; our mission is to provide education and tools for thriving children and families.

We appreciate your donation and we are excited to be co-hosting educational workshops and events online and in person. Check back often as we will be adding events and activities to our calendar. If you would like to add your event listing to our community calendar, please select the appropriate form below.

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Try our one of a kind healing chai during the holidays. This tea was developed to bolster your immune system and shield you from the winter time viruses, naturally.

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Herbalicious Bliss


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About us

Holistic health and beauty for your thriving life.  We specialize in making delicious and nutritious foods and health products naturally.

In collaboration with Earth Soul Ministries and Great Works Alliance, proceeds of products go to supporting our missions. Visit our allies and learn more about how you can support thriving families and communities.

Disclaimer:  All herbal remedies, recipes, and referrals are not medical advice; therefor we recommend you consult with your medical provider.