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About our chai:

Most chai drinks are made using black tea as the main ingredient. 

Kava Kava is the root ingredient of our chai and is used the world over for alleviation of muscle pains and distress. Add Noni and Reishi Mushroom and you have a power packed drink that brings your body and mind back to life.

RejuvElyxr Kava Chai enables for a more relaxed and open type of conversation to brew.   Chai Brew Master Lyra Star developed this signature brew from her extensive research into the healing benefits of herbs, fungi and fruit.

Use Disclaimer:
Side effects are minimized through this combination formula but there is still the possibility of someone having an adverse reaction, as this is a natural health and wellness formula. Be sure to consult with your body and outside experts prior to use if this is a concern.

May cause a sense of euphoria and lightheadedness.

Do not brew in a Keurig.

Drink responsibly.

RejuvElyxr Chai 1oz.

6 cups dry pack


RejuvElyxr Chai 2oz.

12 cups dry pack


RejuvElyxr Chai 4oz.

24 cup dry pack


RejuvElyxr Skin Balm

1 oz. round


RejuvElyxr Skin Balm

4 oz. glass jar


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The origins of Chai

The origins of chai date back over 5000-9000 years ago from a kingdom in India. It is said that the reigning king of this time was knowledgeable in Ayurvedic healing methods, which emphasize the use of specific herbs and ingredients for balance in your daily diet. He is said to have used this knowledge to design a tea for his royal court to enjoy.

 Chai is as diverse as the region and people who make it. Although many varieties emphasize the use of black tea at their base, we have replaced this with the healing root Kava Kava, originally used in the Fijian Islands by the Shamans and Occult leaders. 

It is interesting to note that this root was not made available to women until very recently, and the women of Fiji are still prohibited from drinking it.

To learn more about the spices and other ingredients we use in our tea and other products, click the link below.

About Ingredients

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Try our one of a kind healing chai during the holidays. This tea was developed to bolster your immune system and shield yourself from the winter time viruses, naturally.

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