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Holistic health and beauty information and products for your thriving life.

We specialize in making products that are both delicious and nutritious naturally.

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Herbalicious Bliss employs age old remedies in delicious combinations, tastes and collections. 

Along with organic, directly sourced ingredients from fair trade companies around the world, you will find recipes and health tips to try for yourself.

Enjoy responsibly.

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Not only are we committed to providing you with the highest quality products from organic fair trade farms and distributors, we also offer classes, education and interactive workshops to enable you to become more self-reliant and healthy.  We will soon be hosting workshops and information on the following topics.

If the subject is underlined, that page is now open for your discovery.  Be sure to sign up for a workshop to learn about these topics and more by registering through the links at the bottom of the page.

Herbaclicious Bliss Recipes

Are you looking for a new recipe?

Here you will find many delicious dishes perfected by our master chefs that you can try at home.

Healing food and herbs

There are many healthy herbs and spices that bring out the flavor for every occasion. Learn more about the amazing benefits a pinch of cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, ginger, or garlic does for your body.

Herbalicous Bliss Boutique

Health, beauty and beyond.

Featuring a traditional tea evoking a heightened sense of well-being, restoration and calmness while stimulating open mindedness and receptivity.

This is a great gift for the entire family.

Kitchen Herbs

Learn about the best herbs to grow in your kitchen.


Learn how to grow your own micro-green garden at home. Why buy baby greens for your salad when you can grow your own? Sign up for this and other workshops to be offered.

Sign up today for our next virtual micro-greens workshop.

Gardening by Moonlight and more

There are a lot of ways to improve your garden's yield.  From organic compost tea to moon planting and beyond.

Learn how some gardeners have put this gardening method to fruit.


Seed storage

Are you storing your seeds for next season? Learn what the best practices are and where to find non-GMO Seeds for your garden.

Food storage

Learn what to do with your extra food. What are the best canning and dry storage options out there?


Wildcrafting is the practice of foraging for food and herbs in the wild.

Explore your environment and learn about the edible plants and flowers growing in the wild.

Pickling and Fermentation

Fermentation is not just about making alcoholic beverages. Fermented foods and drinks with live bacteria are beneficial for digestion and support immune health. Here you will find pickling and fermentation recipes and products.

Project Wildflower

Learn the health benefits of common wildflowers. They aren't just weeds. Sign up for our next flower essence workshop and explore the value and benefits of the plants in your own backyard.

Operation Gorilla Grow

Do you have more seeds than you need? Would you like to see more plants growing in your community?

Operation Gorilla Grow encourages you to plant seeds and flowers in your neighborhood, at the local community garden, or even just along the road. When you plant seeds who knows the treasures they will grow.

Bug Out/ In Preparations

Are you prepared for any happenstance. Here are some tools to help you be better prepared. Whether you are stranded inside or out in the wild, know how to effectively survive off the land.

Here you will find supplies and ideas on adventures in survival and exploration.

Common Unity

Are you looking for other explorers that share your passion?

We would like to share with you too.  Connect to others.  We learn best when we have a place to share.

Sign up or establish a chapter in you area today.  Just click the linked title to begin your quest.

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Join us and uncover fun and engaging activities for improved health and well-being.

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Winter schedule includes:
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~ Micro-green and winter gardening activities
~ Outdoor adventures
~ Community gatherings
and more.

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Herbalicious Bliss is a project of Earth Soul Ministries, a non-profit ministry; our mission is to provide education and tools for thriving children and families.

We appreciate your donation and we are excited to be co-hosting educational workshops and events online and in person. Check back often as we will be adding events and activities to our calendar. If you would like to add your event listing to our community calendar, please select the appropriate form below.

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Workshops and Tutorials

Start a new gardening bed with us.

Join our workshops and Quests for optimal enjoyment and acquire awesome tools for your next garden project.

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Order RejuvElyxr Chai

Try our one of a kind healing chai during the holidays. This tea was developed to bolster your immune system and shield you from the winter time viruses, naturally.

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Holistic health and beauty for your thriving life.  We specialize in making delicious and nutritious foods and health products naturally.

In collaboration with Earth Soul Ministries and Great Works Alliance, proceeds of products go to supporting our missions. Visit our allies and learn more about how you can support thriving families and communities.

Disclaimer:  All herbal remedies, recipes, and referrals are not medical advice; therefor we recommend you consult with your medical provider.