Learn about our ingredients.

Why we use the herbs and ingredients we do.

All our ingredients are ethically sourced and organic.  Below is a itemized list of the healing benefits of the herbs, spices, and foods included in our products.

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About Our Ingredients

Why they are so important.

The following information is provided for the herbs, spices and food we commonly use in our products.

The information regarding their health benefits are officially proven by many different universities and clinics worldwide, although many traditional modalities have know of their benefits for much longer.

Take the healing power of herbs and food
into your own hands as you learn for yourself how
powerful these ingredients can be.


We use whole allspice seed to ensure that the ingredient is pure.

Health benefits include: ~ Anti-inflammatory properties ~ Digestive aid ~ Immune booster ~ Antioxidant ~ Improves circulation ~ Improves heart health


We use whole cardamom.

Health benefits include: ~ Decreases blood pressure ~ Fight cancer cells ~ Decreased inflammation ~ Decreased liver inflammation ~ Help with digestion ~ Ulcer prevention ~ Improved oral health ~ Antibacterial and treat infections ~ Lung health and oxygenation ~ Lowers blood sugars ~ Liver protection ~ Anti-anxiety ~ Weight loss


Health benefits include:  ~ Reduces Pain & inflammation ~ Digestive ~ Stimulates appetite ~ Boosts metabolism ~ Lowers blood pressure ~ Cancer prevention ~ Heart health ~ Detoxify Clears congestion ~ Antimicrobial properties ~ Improves immunity ~ Improves skin and hair health

Cinnamon chips

Health benefits include:  ~ Relieves diarrhea ~ ~ Relieves nausea
~ Aids peripheral circulation ~ Enhances digestion ~ Anti fungal ~ Anti-inflammatory ~ Relieves Diabetes symptoms


Health benefits include:  ~ Support liver health ~ Stabilize blood sugar levels ~ Maintaining brain function ~ Building strong bones ~ Natural antioxidant ~ Improve your overall health ~ Stop the growth of tumors ~ Antimicrobial properties ~ Promotes oral health

Ginger Root

Health benefits include:  ~ Aid digestion ~ Reduce nausea and morning sickness ~ Fight the flu and common cold ~ Anti-inflammatory ~ Antioxidant ~ Weight loss ~ Reductions in pain and disability due to osteoarthritis ~ Anti-diabetic ~ Reduces blood sugars ~ Improves heart function ~ Treat chronic indigestion ~ Reduces menstrual pain ~ Lowers cholesterol ~ Prevents cancer ~ Improved brain function

Kava Kava

We source our Kava Kava powder direct from the Fijian islands for optimal purity. 

Health benefits include:  ~ Helps reduce anxiety ~ Fights insomnia ~ Muscle relaxer ~ Mild aphrodisiac | euphoria ~ Increased libido ~ Decrease stimulatory pathways  ~ Prevent the enzyme MAOB from removing neurotransmitters norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine from the brain ~ Relieves sufferers of depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other disorders Meditation aid


Health benefits include:  ~ Anti-anxiety ~ Anti-depression


We source our Noni 5:1 extract powder from the source.

Health benefits include:  ~Weight loss ~ Lowers cholesterol ~ Beneficial for diabetics ~ Proper digestion ~ Prevents stroke ~ Relieves pain ~ Anti-cancer properties ~ Increase energy levels ~ Prevents cataracts ~ Prevents ulcers ~ Liver protection ~ Facilitates wound healing ~ Prevents degenerative diseases ~ Natural antidote for high blood pressure ~ Memory boost ~ Prevents and reduces arthritis ~ Menstrual relief ~ Reduces anxiety, stress, and depression ~ Strengthens vision and prevents visual disorders ~ Antibacterial cure for oral infections ~ Sleep aid ~ Treatment of skin problems including acne and pimples ~ Anti-aging benefits ~ Combats hair loss and regrowth of hair ~ Natural treatment of hair and skin conditions like lice and dandruff

Orange peel

Health benefits include:  ~Lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol ~ Anti-allergenic ~ Anti-inflammatory ~ Improves oral health ~ Immune booster ~ Cancer fighter ~ Protects respiratory system ~ Improves digestive system ~ Promotes weight loss

Reishi mushroom

Health benefits include:  ~Immune strengthening ~ Antibacterial ~ Anti-inflammatory ~ Anti-aging ~ Neuroregenerative ~ Adaptogenic ~ Allergy alleviator ~ Liver support ~ Fights fatigue ~ Meditation aid ~ Lower blood pressure:

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Disclaimer:  All herbal remedies, recipes, and referrals are not medical advice; therefor we recommend you consult with your medical provider.